Hello everyone! We have several updates for this coming spring that we are very excited about. Holly had her litter on 03/18/2018, a Blenheim boy and Blenheim girl. We also have Emmy due around the 8th of April and Riley due early June. We do have 5 deposits down between these three litters so we are going to explain what that means.

Deposits: Puppies are picked at 6 weeks in order that receive deposits. Puppies are not seen before 6 weeks for health reasons, and also so people can see clearer what the puppies look like. Before 2 weeks they do not have their eyes or ears open, and are not really walking until 3 weeks. This means that we don’t know until 6 weeks who is available and who is not. We do not choose puppies for people. Someone with a deposit down is welcome to skip a litter until they get the puppy that they want. This also means that if you have a deposit down it does not necessarily mean that you are first or last depending on what you are looking for and what others are looking for. Although we do like to know what you’re looking for initially, minds can change and we respect that.

Until Holly’s puppies are 6 weeks old we will not know if anyone is available or not. However if you have a deposit down we do give you week to week updates until that 6 week period when we schedule visits for people to come out and meet the puppies, again in order that we receive deposits.


We have a busy spring and early summer coming up with these 3 litters, but please feel to email or call us with any questions. We will be updating the “Puppies Available” page as often as possible.

~Kathie, Kristyn, and Megan