Puppy Supplies

We use an array of supplies here at Angel Pawz, and to help you out with finding supplies for your new puppy, we have compiled a list of the things we use here.

PetSmart for food and dog treats

-Blue Buffalo Chicken and Rice Puppy Formula (Light blue bag for puppies, dark blue bag for adults.

~When the puppy goes home they are on 1/3 of a cup 3x a day till 12 weeks, then it is cut down to 2x a day.

-Old Mother Hubbard all natural biscuits variety bag small bone shape. No more than 2 a day and break into 2 pieces each.

Never any rawhide,or edible Nylabone,we only use Greenies regular size which you can give once a week. They are cheaper at one of the places listed below. Make sure to get the regular size ones, the ones for toy sized dogs can easily be choked on.

Kingwholesale.com , Jeffers petsupply.com, and Revivalanimalhealth.com These are the 3 places we buy from and you’ll save a lot buying from these places!

1)For baths we use EQYSS Micro-Tek Shampoo and Premier Rinse Conditioner, they also have a pet spray we use between baths or just too freshen up.

2) We use cat nail clippers that look like small scissors they are very easy to manage to clip puppy nails.

3)All Natural Tea Tree Oil Ear cleaner by NaturVet or Bio-Groom, either is fine. Available at Amazon.com

4)They love all the shapes of Nylabone chew toys. We also use Pet Stage brand, and LOTS of tennis balls.

~Nylabone is best found at Kingwholesale. What you get at PetSmart for $15.99 is $7.99 at King, We love them and place several order a year through them when the adults need new bones and toys.

~Kong’s filled with peanut butter and freeze it.

5) Stainless bowls, if you get ceramic make sure it’s made in the USA.

6)You will only need a small collar we like the Lupine brand and they have matching leashes. They are guaranteed for life even if chewed. These are at Kingwholesale. Don’t waste money on retractable leashes they break easily. We recommend a 4 foot leash, anything else is too long for a puppy.

7)Crate~ get the one a size up from the smallest and check all 3 places too see who has the best price. We like the Midwest brand.

8) We use the $3 bath towels from Kohl’s or Walmart for inside of the crate, the  towels can go in the wash machine and we don’t mind if they chew on them while teething cause it’s not our furniture!  We recommend not getting a bed till the puppy is older, they tend to like to chew on them!

9)We are not big on stuffed toy,s there is the Bo-Bo at Petsmart and we buy the 8 inches Braided rope with fringe at ends.
Children’s stuffed toys have flame retardant batting and if the pup infests that batting it can’t be removed because it turns into a gel like substance it’s impossible for a vet to remove and then it’s fatal. 

10)We play fetch with beanie babies and they leave here with one that’s their favorite.

11) We have completely changed our cleaning products, we have gone green for the dogs. We use all Legacy of Clean, and Pursue Disinfectants cleaners for the dogs and the whole house. We have gone completely chemical free. You can buy this exclusively from us at Angel Pawz through Kristyn at Amway.com/kristyntholen

Cheerios are good training treats and easy to give them while they potty and you praise them. When they get a bit bigger they get ice cubes too.  They love to chew on them and they are ZERO calories.

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