Our Puppies

How They’re Raised

Our puppies are well socialized – we hold them and play with them daily.

At 2 Weeks

Their eyes open and we start taking photographs.

At 3 – 3½ Weeks

They start to get their legs going. They are so cute scooting around and going backwards as much as they go forward. At this time it’s not unusual to see Meggie, my daughter, wrapping a pup in a blanket and rocking it.

At 4 Weeks

The pups are walking better and we begin introducing solid food. Several times a day we put them on a blanket and are given toys as they romp and wrestle with their siblings.

At 5 – 6 Weeks

They are eating four times a day and getting more floor and play time. In the evening, they get to sit on a lap, cuddle and fall asleep in our arms. They will start to go outside during this time. Visits by adoptive families begin after their first vaccine at six weeks.

At 8 Weeks

The pups are eating hard food and drinking water, playing with toys, provided by my daughter Krystyn, and getting to know what outside means. They will also get their second vaccine and go for their first Vet visit to get a clean bill of health.


Our little Angels go to their new homes. Cavaliers are companion dogs first and foremost. Once a Cavalier comes into your life, they will steal your heart away.

All of Our Puppies Include

  • Pedigree
  • Health record
  • One year health guarantee
  • Spay/neuter agreement
  • Limited AKC registration papers
    • “Limited” as puppies are sold as pets only, not for breeding purposes

Before They Leave for Their New Homes

  • Vaccinated at least once
  • Wormed and checked by a Veterinarian


  • Our puppies are sold only to approved pet homes
  • A non-refundable deposit is required
  • We accept Visa, Master Card, and PayPal
  • Please contact us for details
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