Dog Sitting at Angel Pawz

For many years now, Megan and Kristyn have offered pet sitting to any puppy that is from Angel Pawz, as well as if they have a sibling cavalier before them. We are a quick go to for a weekend away, spring break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and other holidays out of town. So you know your pet is being taken care the best way possible And the exact environment they are in. We provide them with the same care their families do, in a family environment.


What you need to know:
1) We provide a bed for them to sleep in, so you don’t need to bring your own.
2) As long as your dog is on Blue Buffalo, we will provide the food. If your dog is on any other food, please bring enough for the duration of their stay.
-Please let us know of any food allergies.
-Please let us know if you don’t want your dog to have any treats. We tend to them some plain popcorn, and a French fry here and there. Sometimes some fresh turkey or chicken.
3) Leave toys at home, we don’t want our big guys chewing your dogs toys apart, we have plenty of bones and balls to keep them entertained.
4) If your dog or puppy is over the age of 7 month and is not spayed or neutered, LET US KNOW. We have breeding males and females. Although there is always someone watching them, this is important for us to know.



$30 a night for one dog
$45 a night for two dogs
$10 for every additional dog


$15 for grooming, this includes nail clipping, ear cleaning, two washes, and shampoo. Brushed teeth upon request.


If your dog is picked up before 12:00 P.M. you are not charged an extra day, depending on the time after 12:00, it is $10-20 for the day.
As everyone knows, this is a large family home. There is ALWAYS someone home with the dogs, your dog will be treated just like family, just as it was when we had them as a baby.
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