The website has been completely updated! Finally! So here is whats new here….

Current Litters:

Holly and Remy born October 1st (2016)

2 Black and Tan Females (1 deposit is down for pick of the two)

1 Ruby Female

1 Ruby Male

We are currently taking deposits on the Ruby Girl, and Black and Tan girl (we will know which b/t girl is available at 6 weeks of age)

Briseis and Remy born October 13th 2016

2 Black and Tan Males

1 Ruby Female

1 Tri-Color Male (Sold)

We are currently taking deposits on the Ruby female, and one of the Black and Tan Males

Upcoming Litter:

Emmy and Brody, due around the 15th of November. Their litter can have Blenheims and Tri-Colors however their last two litters were completely full of tri-colors. We personally are keeping a boy out of this litter.

Olive and Donatello, due around the 23rd of November. Their litter can have all four colors.

We have one current deposits down for Tri-Colors between these three litters and one for a male

As always puppies are picked in order that deposits are received

Elsa and Remy, due around the 25th of November. Elsa is a daughter of Alice and Tucker. We WILL NOT be taking any deposits on this litter until it is born.


We have also kept several puppies from our last two litters, Keira from Emmy and Brody, as well as Luna and Sabrina from Riley and Remy. We have also have one new addition of Murphy who is a Blenheim male. Lets just say raising 5 puppies has been a bit chaotic as is keeping all of us on our toes! Things are always changing in a breeding program, girls are retired and we have to add new blood into the mix to keep it happy and healthy. Its an exciting time around here!